Feed your pigeons with Cest-Pharma Protein Plus for optimal breeding performance.

Protein plus

It is important for pigeons to have a good diet to build and repair their tissues, especially in their reproductive organs. Proteins are the building blocks for these tissues, making a diet rich in proteins of vital importance.

To support pigeons in their daily need for proteins, Cest-Pharma Protein Plus was developed. This formula contains all essential amino acids needed for the building and repair of the tissues. It is a protein concentrate supplemented with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, nutrition elements for the musculo-articular system, skin and feathers, antioxidants, enriched with essential fatty acids (omega 3), immunomodulators (glucans) and methionine. By using it regularly, pigeons will maintain better condition.

Cest-Pharma Protein Plus is ideal for the flying season, moulting, reproduction, growth period and recovery in the cold season. Providing the right nutrition to the pigeons is the key to achieving the best results. By using Cest-Pharma Protein Plus, pigeons will get the nutrients they need to keep their tissues functioning properly.

If your pigeons eats Cest-Pharma Protein Plus regularly, it will get all the nutrients needed to perform optimally. It is a simple yet effective way to ensure your pigeons stays healthy and strong. Try Cest-Pharma Protein Plus today and experience the difference!