Pedro Simão


My favorite categories are speed and middle distance, although my pigeons can handle flights up to 12 hours. On the photo below you can see the pigeons with which we have achieved several first places, sometimes even at a provincial level. Other fanciers have also had a lot of success with pigeons from my breeding line in the past. Years ago, I built up my own family by crossing pigeons from my father’s old line with later acquired pigeons. Currently in Portugal, we don’t organize races for young pigeons, we only breed in the summer and compete with our young pigeons the following year. Personally, I’m not a big fan of playing pigeons younger than one year over distances of more than 400km. As a distributor of CEST Pharma in Portugal, we recommend the use of the product Impact. This product has recently been launched and we advise to administer it 3 days before basketing for marathon races and 2 or even 1 day before speed and middle distance flights.