Preparations for the upcoming season!

We are starting off with firing up the engines… There are still two months to go! The first official races in Romania will start on May 1. In other European countries around the same time, other countries have already started races. For those who have already begun, we can only suggest a flight schedule from those found on our website.

For those waiting for the season, we would have some useful tips:

  1. Make sure your coop is dry, airy and light. It might be the most important factor for success.
  2. Check the doves for health by having them tested by a vet to prepare for the season.
  3. Fitness is essential. Many pigeons are lost at the start of the race because they go in the wrong direction after release and do not have the means to return home. The muscles are not prepared for extra exertion. Train gradually, pay attention to the weather and keep an eye on the physical condition of the pigeons. It must be visible!!! Do not send pigeons to races unless they are trained. The season is long and haste can ruin your results.
  4. Supplements are essential during the precompetition preparation period. The muscles, not accustomed to the strain during the winter, need to be brought into shape. The preparation must be done gradually as muscle cramps can occur and muscle damage can occur. Electrolyte and Protein Plus from Cest Pharma are two indispensable products in this period for fitness. Amino Forte in drinking water and Healthy Oil on grains are two other very useful products.
  5. Stress!!! Remember that loft flying, widowhood, car transport are all stress factors and stress reduces immunity. The effects of stress can be seen when you first put the pigeons in the basket: liquid manure (diarrhea)! So the first signs of stress are intestinal, which is why the administration of probiotics and prebiotics is necessary. Biotics contains two types of probiotics: Bacillus Subtillis and Enterococcus Faecium but also prebiotics which are food for probiotics.

Only if we are well prepared, can we enjoy the long summer full of competitions!