All of our work throughout the year has one goal: to make the pigeons perform well on flights. We must ensure that the pigeons are in good condition: healthy and fit! This is achieved through proper care throughout the year, but especially during the flights. The pigeons are worked hard, with hundreds of kilometers flown on a single day. To maintain perfect health condition, it is advisable to test the pigeons for Chlamydia (ornithosis), Salmonella, Staphylococci, Trichomoniasis or intestinal parasites before the season. If there is an illness, we must treat the pigeons and then restore their intestinal flora with Biotics, for a few days. Commercial kefir can be a good aid to stick Biotics to the grains. Then it takes 2-3 days to detoxify the body from toxins that have remained from the treatment, even after the winter, and Detox Plus with Moor Active is the best solution for this. The period between the races can be divided in 3 phases: preparation, recovery and detoxification.

Preparation of Pigeons

The feed used to prepare the pigeons for races is adjusted and enriched with energy-rich ingredients such as hemp, peeled sunflower, rape seed and saffron. Small seeds are also used as extra treats. To support the pigeons during this period, supplements are offered which are intended to provide the pigeons with essential amino acids, fats and carbohydrates. Healthy Oil can be added to the feed up to one day before the basketing as a supplement of essential oils. The longer the flights, the greater the required fat reserve must be, and pigeons need 4-5 days to metabolize the fats from the oils. For this we use balanced mixtures of oils and emulsifiers that help the liver in the process of cellular metabolism. Fly Power is used together with Healthy Oil to fully prepare the pigeons for the flight; this conditioning product offers absolutely everything that the pigeon needs to be well prepared!

Impact is a product by Impact that contains iodine, iron, Vitamins B and other unique ingredients. These ingredients help the pigeons fly faster by increasing the supply of oxygen and speeding up metabolism, thus allowing all metabolic processes to run optimally.

Administration of yellow drops on the day before basketing can help to clear the airway and trichomoniasis from the neck of the pigeons. One drop per pigeon should be added either to their beak or to the feed, especially if there are many pigeons, which can make a difference in flight. As already shown, Amino Forte contains amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and carbohydrates, which is useful during racing. All these fat reserves are burned during the flight and l-carnitine is essential to achieve this. Top Form is a supplement that makes pigeons "fat burning machines" to generate energy. It contains carnitine and other ingredients that provide the pigeon with all the necessary elements to convert fats into energy. This product not only offers excellent liver support, but also helps to support the airways. Electrolyt from CEST, which contains sodium bicarbonate that works as an anti-acidification and removes lactic acid from the muscles, can reduce muscle fatigue. Administration on the day of basketing offers ultimate support against muscle fatigue especially for flights with liberation the following day. Blue Salt, the bathing salt with magnesium and natural anti-parasitic extract, is very useful during the preparation process. It makes pigeons calmer, relaxes muscles and ensures that the plumage is silky soft!

The Restoration of Pigeons

The recovery of pigeons is the most important moment after a flight. Upon return it is essential that pigeons get carbohydrates and amino acids for a good recovery. A liver tea with bee honey, lemon, Biotics and Amino Forte is a real energy bomb that is served directly when the pigeons come home. On the first day the pigeons get a light but refreshing meal without additions. In the second water served, it is advisable to add Sanocest to clean not only the water but also the crop swelling of the pigeon of the bacteria they have picked up on the way. On the evening of arrival, Yellow Drops directly provides a cleaning of the head area (neck, beak, nose) by giving 1 drop on the beak or grains, preventing trichomoniasis and respiratory infections. The next day the body needs proteins, so feed light food without stimulating seeds, such as Garlic Oil or Oregano Oil with Protein Plus and Amino Forte in water (after heavy races) to facilitate recovery. Sedo Plus, produced with natural artichoke extract and ginger in combination with other active ingredients, helps to restore the liver. In addition, Blue Salt, our bath salt, is exceptionally effective in the recovery process of the pigeons. It contains magnesium that promotes detoxification and relaxation.


With our light diet, where we apply Detox Plus and Moor Active in the morning and evening, we ensure optimal detoxification. In the evenings we already see the droppings small and black, and the following morning there should be in addition to perfect droppings also plenty of fluff. This is the moment when the pigeons recover, detoxify and get steamed up for a new adventure! Here begins the preparation for the next race, which we usually win! When we fly long flights, every two or three weeks, these stages will take more time. Recovery takes longer due to the hardness of the races, and detoxification can take two or even three days, and race preparation three to five days. In the days between these stages we give the pigeons clean food and clean water or Sanocest to detoxify. Also, at the beginning of the season we will not use a full supplement program. Up to 250 km the pigeons should be able to fly without much additional conditioning. Later we gradually introduce supplements, when the distances increase and the intensity of the flights increases, so that the pigeons get a good recovery. If we use all the means from the start, we will have nothing left for the end of the season, when the best pigeons stay in the race and motivation, condition, health and training can make the difference. That is why the wise pigeon fancier must plan everything in detail and draw up a program in which the form and condition of one stage to the other gradually increases as the season progresses!