Alin Rosu


I take part in all categories of pigeon racing, but my favorites are the National Ace Pigeon, Long Distance, and Marathon. Over the years I have achieved remarkable results at provincial, regional and national levels. My goal is to finish in the national top 10 every year, and in recent years I have succeeded in doing so.

The pigeons that achieved these performances have been moved to my breeding loft, enabling me to form a line of pigeons that are capable of flying distances from 100 to 1000 km. These pigeons are mainly focused on the categories National Long Distance and Ace Pigeon, and come mainly from my friend Zeno Steinbinder in Germany.

At my breeding loft I have also added pigeons for the marathon category in the past period, from well-known fanciers from our country, but also from abroad. From Romania I have bought pigeons from teams such as Magirescu & Ojog & Dorneanu, Ciobanu Bogdan, Huzu Alexandru and Digulescu Mădălin, and from abroad I bought pigeons from Jelle Jelema, Cor de Heijde, Ko Van Domellen, Etienne Meirlaen, Wim Muller and Verweij-De Haan.

With the yearlings I take part in all stages, from 100 to 1000 km. The pigeons that play for Long Distance (Gold) go for long distance stages, while the rest of the yearlings play marathon flights and National Berlin. Young pigeons take part in all stages of the flight plan, including the long distance flights. Last year I achieved 2nd place in this category for Arad County and with my newly formed team Pop & Roșu we won 1st place, with a young pigeon from my loft that has some of the basic breeders of my loft, Turbo and Ferrari (father of Lady), as origin.

CEST Pharma products are used throughout the year, but especially during competitions, and their administration increases the condition of the pigeons exponentially.