Tunduc Family

Tunduc Family

Tunduc Family: 32 First Place Finishes on 100-1000 km Flights

Since 2017 CEST PHARMA champions WBP, World Champion Marathon – FCI 2021, have achieved 32 first place finishes on flights ranging from 100 to 1000 km! We play exclusively with hens and have developed a unique motivation system that ensures the pigeons deliver good performances every week. We participate in flights of different categories, from speed to marathon (950 km), but we mainly focus on flights of more than 500 km, especially marathon flights.

Kipp und Sohne, Olteanu Cosmin, Marcu Dumitru, Zamfir Sorin, Feștilă Ioan, Jan Ernest, Stănescu + Dobre

Between 2017 and 2021 we have participated in 14 marathon flights and have achieved five first place finishes in the pigeons category and four in the fanciers category. In total we have achieved 32 first place finishes on a flight, both for pigeons and fanciers. We have pigeons from known and also anonymous pigeon fanciers, always looking for those pigeon families that can achieve the first place: Kipp und Sohne, Olteanu Cosmin, Marcu Dumitru, Zamfir Sorin, Feștilă Ioan, Jan Ernest, Stănescu + Dobre and we have bred in line with the old Stichelbaut pigeon through Frans Labeeuw. In addition, we have also brought breeders from fanciers who mainly win flights in our region. We currently have a 20 pair loft and our plan is to reduce this to 12 pairs. This is enough for a hobby loft!

Flights from 100-400 km and very rare distances over 500 km

We play with our young pigeons flights from 100 to 400 km, very rare distances over 500 km and our yearlings fly at least one marathon stage of 800 km. If they perform well, they are also used on the Berlin National, but with great caution as it is an extremely tough flight.

23 Provincial Trophies, 8 Provincial and 3 National

2021 was our best year with no less than 23 provincial trophies, 8 Provincial and 3 National, with a team of 25 pigeons. It culminated in achieving 1 World Best Pigeon FCI, on the marathon, despite the fact that we had only 6 pigeons participating in the 3 marathon flights. We occupied the 1st place in the first two flights in the pigeons ranking, and the 15th place in the pigeons ranking of the National Berlin, a unique performance that we set: the 3 flights were all heavy and only 2 pigeons from the entire West province managed to come home on the first day, all 3! It happened on Stendal Național, and both pigeons were ours, in conditions in which we had only 4 pigeons entered for this flight!!!

Products from CEST Pharma and flight schedules based on observations

We use exclusively products from CEST Pharma and make flight schedules based on observations from our own loft. We believe that the innovation of these state-of-the-art nutraceuticals, which unite scientific discoveries with the needs of the pigeon, has contributed enormously to this.

Details about our loft and our unique flight and training system can be found on Marius Tunduc’s YouTube channel (). Here we show what we do with our pigeons, but also many other educational videos for pigeon fanciers!